Smart City Expo World Congress
17 - 18 NOVEMBER 2020


Smart City Live 2020


For 2020 Smart City Expo World Congress becomes Smart City Live, finding new ways of staying in touch despite the restrictions of the current times.


The worldwide digital native event for cities


A virtual 2-day forum to keep our community connected, and a leadership program in Barcelona that will bring together a few selected people with high-level profiles from cities and companies around the world.

Reach a wider audience that is ready to listen

Take advantage of our extensive database of worldwide professional contacts to increase your projection and capture their undivided attention over 2 days.

Our community includes 60,000+ professionals from around the world, with more than 119,000 followers on social media, and a network of 75+ Media Partners and 600+ journalists covering the last edition and amplifying our footprint.


34m+ impressions

Through digital advertising, display marketing, and social platforms.

44% net promoter score

Gauging customer loyalty.

942 out of 1,000 kred influence

Assessing how likely it is for a post to create interaction.

Congress 2019

17 NOVEMBER 2020

Broadcast television show

How is the COVID-19 pandemic pushing cities worldwide to rethink themselves? How are metropolises adapting to this new scenario? What urban paradigm will arise after this crisis?

Through interviews, debates, reports, and success stories, Smart City Live will feature a day-long schedule of live content to address critical changes in terms of mobility, consumption, and services, among other topics.

Barcelona City Council Dinner


Our partners and speakers who are able to travel, along with representatives from the Spanish, Catalan, and Barcelona Governments, will enjoy the traditional dinner to expand their networking opportunities in a closer, one-to-one environment.

18 NOVEMBER 2020

Digital sessions, workshops and roundtables

A high-level gathering of key players and global institutions taking part in a series of digital sessions and side events to discuss the huge challenges that cities are facing beyond the post-pandemic short-term context.

World Smart City Awards

The current situation demands the brightest ideas to advance more resilient and inclusive cities. The call is open to welcome and award bold projects addressing the pressing need for a better urban future.

A special edition of our World Smart City Awards that will connect all of the winners digitally.