By hosting together two of the leading fairs in their sectors, Alimentaria and Hostelco, the Gran Via site of Fira de Barcelona will become the principal platform for internationalization, business and innovation in the food, drink and hotel facilities industries between the 16 and 19 April. The presence of gastronomy events will also provide a seal of distinction and creativity. It is the most complete and wide-ranging event to cover the whole value chain of the restaurant and food industries.

The figures are impressive on all accounts: it occupies 100,000m2 of the site; with 4,500 exhibitors, 27% of whom are international, from 70 countries. Furthermore: 150,000 professional visitors are expected to attend, of whom nearly 30% will be from abroad, and there will be 1,400 key purchasers invited. More than 300 innovations will be unveiled and there will be 120 conferences and congress events focused on products, the sector, innovation, consumer confidence… and the participation of 35 chefs with a total of 45 Michelin stars.

Applications to reduce the effect of jet lag or to help you claim lost luggage; agencies that only operate online or web pages that offer full travel packages over the Internet… New technologies are shaking up the tourist sector. The emergence of mass tourism in the 1960s seems like the remote past now. This kind of tourism is now an industry that moves over 1,300 million people around the world every year and represents 10% of global GDP.

The tourist of yesterday has become the traveller of today. These travellers want better experiences and are more demanding. The combination of these two factors has stimulated many new entrepreneurial initiatives that are possible thanks to new technology.