Applications to reduce the effect of jet lag or to help you claim lost luggage; agencies that only operate online or web pages that offer full travel packages over the Internet… New technologies are shaking up the tourist sector. The emergence of mass tourism in the 1960s seems like the remote past now. This kind of tourism is now an industry that moves over 1,300 million people around the world every year and represents 10% of global GDP.

The tourist of yesterday has become the traveller of today. These travellers want better experiences and are more demanding. The combination of these two factors has stimulated many new entrepreneurial initiatives that are possible thanks to new technology.

Some of these are the stars of B-Travel Pro, the new B2B space created in collaboration between Mobile World Capital Barcelona and B-Travel, the Fira de Barcelona fair that has established itself as the benchmark for experience tourism.

Improving the experience of travel

A total of 15 startups from countries such as Bulgaria, Spain, Poland or Russia, among others, will be using B-Travel Pro to present their most disruptive ideas for improving the experience of travel. This is the case of AYO, a young company from Bulgaria that has developed a wearable and an app to reduce the tiredness and regulate the disorientation caused by jet lag, or the Catalan startup Airning, who have designed an application to make claims for lost luggage or to manage any type of issue with airlines.

Besides improving the experience of travellers, the use of new technologies has had a huge impact on the business environment, especially the air transport sector as shown by the New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a standard programme that improves the capacity for communications between airlines like Vueling and travel agencies such as American Express Travel, Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

This shows how B-Travel is looking at B2B positioning in a different way. The president of the fair, Jordi Clos, states that “with B-Travel Pro, we are responding to a demand from the sector for a space for professionals as part of the event”.

B-Travel: a major travel agency

The Fira de Barcelona fair is cementing its place as the main venue for experience tourism by bringing together the travel destinations for all of Spain’s autonomous communities and for over 40 different international destinations, including Japan, the United States, Ireland, Scotland, among many more. B-Travel is also offering over a hundred special offers and prizes worth 20,000 euros.